A Clean Chimney Is a Safe Chimney

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When did you last get a chimney sweep service? If you can't remember, it's probably time to call Smokepipe Chimney Techs LLC. We'll visit your Telford or Lansdale, PA area home to survey your chimney as soon as possible.

We use top-quality equipment to handle each job. That includes special vacuums, fans and two-foot poles hooked up to drills. These tools allow us to fully remove any built-up gunk. Plus, we can inspect for issues while we're working. If you need a repair, you'll know. Talk to us about chimney cleaning services now. We have the answers you need.

chimney sweep service telford pa

Don't neglect your chimney

A dirty chimney is inconvenient and even dangerous. Our chimney sweep service can:

  • Prevent house fires due to built-up creosote
  • Improve the smoke movement out of your chimney
  • Allow your chimney to last for years longer
Once we're finished, we'll inspect your chimney again to ensure optimal quality. Finally, we'll clean up any debris before we leave, leaving you with a pristine chimney. Book a chimney cleaning service in Telford, PA today.