Keep Your Chimney Standing Tall

Make time for chimney repairs in Telford & Lansdale, PA

How is your chimney holding up to the outside elements? If you've noticed leaks and cracks, it's time to make a change. Smokepipe Chimney Techs LLC handles chimney repairs in Telford and Lansdale, PA.

Usually, clients call on us after a level 2 inspection with a specific issue. Whether you hired us or another company for your inspection, we'll take care of your chimney repairs. Maybe you don't know what the issue is. We'll identify the problem efficiently. Speak with a chimney expert now.

chimney repair telford pa

Identify solutions to your issues

What does your home need? We're licensed and experienced, so we can manage many projects, including:

  • Chimney relining - adding stainless steel to chimneys after oil and gas fireplace updates
  • Custom chimney cap additions - these pieces can keep water out of your chimney
  • Wood stove installations - inserting a stove is a great alternative to fireplaces
Schedule a chimney relining service in Telford, PA today.